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Shut Facebook and Twitter down for 6 weeks before elections

It is a couple of weeks before midterm elections and the quaking has already begun.What would you think about closing Facebook and Twitter?Who could be the winner? Who would possibly get surprisingly defeated? And which of Facebook and Twitter will probably be blamed more for the outcome?Within the aftermath of the 2016 Elections, it appeared clear that neither of those famed websites had any thought what was kind of nefarious influences had been operating on them.At this time around, Facebook and Twitter…

Twitter follower counts has drop as Twitter makes changes

Twitter has taken action in excluding locked accounts from twitter publicly displayed follower counts for not going with the company's standard, as the company suggested. Most accounts locked for reasons not up to the company’s standards will remain frozen until the account owner goes back to it and requests for a password reset before it can be seen as valid after a successful reset. But until such procedure is taken those locked accounts are deemed frozen and won’t be counted as followers of any account they had followed.…