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December 2018

FDA approves app-connected digital inhaler

 App-connected Digital InhalerThe FDA has given the ProAir Digihaler, a digital and mobile-connected inhaler that comes with built-in sensors, its nice approval. Those sensors can detect whenever the device in use and can as well measure the strength of the user's inhalation.More importantly, the inhaler can send data on people's usage to its mobile app companion. By providing them with visual information, users can spot trends. And ensure they're getting the right amount of medication, as well as share it…

Over 100 million users data leaks on Quora breach today

Quora breach left over 100 million users data exposed. A big data breach has been announced by Q&A site Quora, affecting its over 100 million registered users. The data breach was found on 30th November, and Quora said an investigation is ongoing. Quora has as well logged out all users. Also suggesting that all users do a password reset on any account with a password.It further said that the password data was salted and encrypted in other not to allow the attackers from making use of it. But to be at a safer…