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Facebook won’t force employees to settle sexual harassment claims privately

thanks to the Google walkout protests

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sexual harassment
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Facebook is putting an end to required arbitration in cases of sexual harassment, permitting staffs to pursue claims in court.

The Social Network announced the policy change in an internal message to employees on Friday.

Facebook additionally modified its policy on office relationships — now executives at a director level or higher should disclose if they’re dating any person on the company.

The change came a day after Google modified its policy to put to an end required arbitration, which was a requirement made when 20,000 Google employees walked away from their desks to protest sexual harassment on the company.

The Google protest adopted a New York Times report which revealed high-level executives had been credibly accused of sexual misconduct and had been allowed to go away the company with big exit packages.

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The organizers behind the Google protest hailed Facebook’s determination on Twitter

Required arbitration forces staff to settle disputes privately, precluding them from taking suits to court.

The method has been criticized as being weighted against staff and making it tougher for people to band collectively in class actions.

Facebook’s move means its staff now have an alternative between going to an arbitrator or making their claims public in court over any sexual harassment .

Other Silicon Valley companies have removed required arbitration previously, together with Uber in May and Microsoft in December 2017.

“There is no query that we’re at a pivotal moment,” Facebook’s vice president of people Lori Goler advised the Wall Street Journal.

“It is a time after we might be a part of taking the subsequent step,” she added and confirmed that whereas Facebook employees have not staged protests like their counterparts at Google, sexual harassment has been a rising subject of debate on the company.

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