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Air purifier that also works as headphones might be coming soon

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An air purifier that also works as headphones

air purifier

Dyson has a much list of air purifiers, but it’s reportedly considering developing a model that’s not quite anything it’s ever created before. According to Bloomberg, the company has put into consideration a wearable air purifier that will double as a pair of headphones. Wearable purifiers are already a thing, mostly for countries like China where air pollution gets so bad which can increase the chances of getting a stroke or cancer. However, the anticipating wearable mostly comes in the form of necklaces and, in some cases, scarves or masks.

While Dyson is still mostly known for vacuum cleaners, it’s also been expanding its air purifier lineup, since it’s a lucrative thing and a must have for the company in Asia. Bloomberg says the UK-based firm’s Asian operations generated nearly three-quarters of its revenue in 2017 — the same year its revenue increased by far of 40 percent to $4.6 billion.

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Dyson refused to confirm or deny the report, but an air purifier with headphones is probably not outside the realm of possibility. The company creates devices outside of its usual line-up, after all, such its advanced hair curler called the Airwrap.

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