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Some iPhone users say they’re struggling to charge their new phones

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iPhone XS

Some iPhone users iPhone XS and XS Max say they’re experiencing some challenges with charging their new handsets.

The users are saying that the brand new phones fail to start out charging when a Lightning cable is plugged in, except when they turn ON their screen on.

And the difficulty seems to be even worse for an unfortunate few. For them, switching their display screen on isn’t sufficient − as additionally in some conditions they have to unlock their phone just in other to make it charge.

Moreover, some individuals say their phone solely begins charging after they do the entire above, and likewise removing and replacing the Lightning cable.

It isn’t clear how widespread the issue is, however it’s been flagged up on a number of platforms, together with Reddit, Twitter (the hashtag ‘#ChargeGate’ is getting some traction) and Apple’s own support forums.

Nevertheless, the issue hasn’t been much experienced by other users, though some still got a little to contribute regarding with both the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

Apple is yet to issue an official response. However, there’s speculation that the issue is expounded to USB Restricted Mode. A little bit of performance Apple introduced a little while back, with iOS 11.

“Beginning with iOS 11.4.1. For those who use USB accessories along with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And those who join your gadget to a Mac or PC. You would possibly have to unlock your gadget for it to acknowledge and use the accessory. Your accessory then stays connected even when your device is subsequently locked,” Apple explains.

MS Max

“In case you don’t first unlock your password-protected iOS device, otherwise you haven’t unlocked and connect it to a USB accessory within the past hour. Your iOS device won’t communicate with the accessory or laptop, and in some instances, it may not charge. You may also see an alert asking you to unlock your gadget to make use of your accessories.”

Nevertheless, they provide your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch charges as usual when it’s connected to a USB power adapter.

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