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August 2018

Review: Latest Transparent Xiaomi Mi8 New Phone

 Everything you need to know about the new Xiaomi Mi8. Xiaomi’s Mi 8 is the Chinese phone company’s flagship for 2018,  likewise every other handset’s flagship, the new phone too will feature an edge-to-edge display broken only by a ‘notch’ on its upper edge. With many similarities to iPhone X, It also has a pair of cameras on its rear that is arranged on a vertical side with both 12 megapixels, and the front of the Explorer Edition of the phone features a 20MP camera equipped with infrared face unlocking technology…

New Chrome 67 for desktop with password-free sign-ins.

Update: New Chrome 67 with a password-free sign-ins feature.Google had just released Chrome 67 for desktop, as spotted by ZDNet. This newer version of Chrome will allow a password-free sign-ins for most websites, that is you can avoid the stress of a password manager for specific credentials. Password-free sign-ins is from the Web Authentication standard, which was launched earlier in March by the FIDO Alliance and the W3C. It allows you sign in to virtually any online service through unique credentials that you…