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(Your Phone): Experience much among Phones & PC

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Your Phone: experience much among Phones & PC

The Build developer conference kicked off on 7th May 2018. In this conference, Microsoft has revealed some upcoming interesting projects of the company.

One of the most interesting and useful among them is the “Your Phone” application. It is a brand new feature for your Windows 10- PC.

Imagine a situation when you are trying to be super productive and suddenly your phone receives a text message. After that, you spent ten minutes on replying the text. Then you log into social media and kill 10 more minutes of your productive time. After that when you get back to work, you lose the zest of working. Then you wish, “If I could use my Phone and PC at the same time”.

Yes, to fulfill this wish of yours Microsoft has brought a cross-device experience for you. Where you can use your Android phone on your PC through an App named “Your Phone”.

This is an inbox application through which you get access to the key workloads of your phone on your PC. You have to launch the application from the “Taskbar”, and you will get access to most aspects of your phone such as.


  1. Photo viewing
  2. Notification browsing
  3. Text messaging

In this process, the Phone and the PC work together completely on behalf of the user. The user is under the full control of the experience and caring deeply about the privacy of the user, the data is not synced into the cloud. Rather it stays into the device. The features will vary on the OS which your phone is running.

Microsoft graph enables this cross-device experience and it pulls the most recent text messages into “Your Phone” on PC. It is not totally clear when the full feature will be released, but it seems that it will be released with the upcoming Windows 10 update “Redstone 5”.

This is a great initiative by Microsoft to avoid the distractions of mobile phones while working by letting you mirror your phones display on your PC monitor. It is hoped that it will gain its popularity by a full user-friendly experience.

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