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Wi-Fi WPA3 – A new crucial security upgrade released

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Latest Wi-Fi WPA3 security upgrade released

Interestingly shopping online or any store for a new Wi-Fi router, I think you would be looking after for the one that supports the new WPA3, which is the now latest security protocol for networking devices from Wi-Fi.

After over thousand years of maintaining the same security standards, hackers using the nefarious VPNFilter malware developed from Russia has breached over 500,000 consumers grade router in the world as a whole in the just passed year.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, companies that certify devices that have data transmission support over Wi-Fi has now updated the now implemented security protocol for Wi-Fi enabled devices and on a short time to start certifying products that support this new upgrade.

 Wi-Fi WPA3
These devices with the new Wi-Fi WPA3 would be more difficult to hackers attempting to identify your passwords till they get it right. The new security provisions will also enable “robust protection” when people use passwords seen not to be strong.

Furthermore, devices with Wi-Fi WPA3 enabled will also support data encryption in individualized format, standing to be safer to use in local shops and other open Wi-Fi networks.

With the use of WPA2, hackers could recognize passwords as they are been transmitted through a jumble of data in web traffic, simply knowing the specifications of routers and how they beamed data between devices and servers. This is as well seen as a dictionary attack.

A similar method could also be used to decrypt data shared between devices including a previously transmitted data. WPA3 aims to stand against such attacks and to also avoid hackers from capturing previously transmitted information over devices.

Wi-Fi WPA3
The Wi-Fi Alliance is also in a thought in releasing a new protocol for both WPA2 and WPA3 devices that support a QR code-based system to help in connecting devices to APNs which will only need to scan the code in other to access a Wi-Fi network.

In as much as the Wi-Fi Alliance as at the time of writing does not mandate a WPA3 certification for all new devices, its acceptance is expected to come into a stay in the coming years, and the new WPA3 in a few time could become a prerequisite for Wi-Fi certification.

Other big companies like HP, Intel, Cisco, and Broadcom has urged and support for the upgrade; Qualcomm has as well begun the manufacturing of chips for phones devices and computers supporting the next generation of Wi-Fi, and WPA3 and 802.11ax.

We are hoping the new standard will aid in securing networks in homes, offices, and enterprises for a little expected time.

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