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Secure Your Site by adding two-factor-authentication.

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Secure Your Site

Security is one of the problems most site owners battles with and most of them has run into losing much when got hacked

Including an additional layer of security to your site is dependably a smart thought. It makes it harder for programmers to enter through your backend and access things you don’t need them to. In this post, I will teach you best way to secure your site BY ADDING THIS TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION TO YOUR WEB HOSTING CONTROL PANEL.

But before we begin, here are the few things we need:

.Access to your web hosting’s cPanel and WHM.

.Cell phone with a period based one-time secret word (TOTP) application introduced.

When you have both these things, you can begin the procedure by following the steps underneath.

1. First Log in to WHM.

secure your site whm cpanel site

2. Look for the “Security Center”.

3. Below Security Center, look for the “Two-Factor Authentication”.

4. Toggle on Two-Factor Authentication by clicking on the off button. Once you have done that, the red dot will turn green. Now save by clicking it. Activate your window 1o easily with this

5. Go to “Manage My Account” tab and scan the QR code given there with your TOTP app on your smartphone.

6. Type in the 6-digit security code from your TOTP app back to “Security Code” under Step 2. Next, click “Configure Two-Factor Authentication”

Two-Factor Authentication is now set to use. Let’s keep this browser window open. In case anything goes wrong, you can easily disable the two-factor authentication right away.

Test Two-Factor-Authentication
Let’s know if it’s properly working.

1. Open a new browser and go to your website’s cPanel and log in with your details.


2. You should be prompted to enter the security code. Get the 6-digit security code from your smartphone’s TOTP app, enter it as seen and click “Continue” to log in.

You will be logged in to your Cpanel if it was successful.

Kudos to the genius that got it!


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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