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How to last longer in bed and overcome infidelity

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How to last longer in bed and avoid infidelity

Timing can be everything in the bedroom, reaching orgasm within seconds, ejaculating while still on foreplay and or maybe getting wet on an ordinary glance. How to last longer in bed remains a very big question on the internet. I can gladly reveal to you that no less than 75% of marriages or serious relationship turn into problems leading to divorce.

how to last longer on bed and overcome infidelity

This breakup is due to the inability of the MAN OF THE HOUSE in fulfilling the s3xual hunger of his woman which is often called Premature Ejaculation. This also cause infidelity in some cases

If you reach orgasm sooner than you and your partner would like, sex may not be satisfying for either of you and that is really a problem in most men. It can be frustrating and even embarrassing. These common issues only can affect your relationship and break a home, which makes men keep asking how to last longer in bed?.

Imagine after a long date, shopping and so on with your crush, partner or maybe your dream woman and at the end of the day you can not make her feel like a woman. Is that not something to worry about, not being man enough?.

Without a doubt, one of the more typical of room issues for a few men is their powerlessness to go all the way while having intercourse.

Indeed, up to 70 percent of men search help in discovering how to last longer in bed and somethings end up not getting anything good, maybe going for the WRONG one.

While there are techniques to last longer in bed naturally it is also better to understand what it is, the causes and little way of overcoming it. It is a problem, and I don’t think you need to live with such issue.

What Is Premature Ejaculation(PE.)?

It is never compulsory that one must last hours during intercourse but too soon and disgracing when a man ejaculates before intercourse or less than few minutes after PENETRATING, which leads to weak erection causing bad feelings between the two making them not have a good time for love. this occurs mostly in men and between 35%-45% experience it once in a lifetime so don’t be too worried if it occurs occasionally.

how to last longer on bed and overcome infidelity

Good sex should not go below 5 minutes after penetrating and when it comes below that is a Premature Ejaculation which may lead your partner into cheating no matter how much love they have.


  1. Much Alcohol
  2. Stress
  3. Depression
  4. Performance anxiety
  5. Guilt
  6. Relationship problems
  7. Sexual inexperience

Making sense of the best places to look also individuals to have confidence in for straight answers is regularly a REAL CHALLENGE. Despite the fact that it could well seem like it’s difficult to work it out, however with some techniques when properly applied one can naturally last longer and satisfy their partner but also remember that making it safe is the first priority as a man.

The Following Tips Are;

  1. The Tongue-Back-Push Method(TBP): This method has helped so many and is very easy to learn, you can even do it without your partner noticing, just run the tip of your tongue around the roof of your mouth in a circular motion, it will tickle lightly but it works, then while doing that run hands up and down your partners back or legs and sides depending on your position, then finally push your PC Muscles out as though you want to urinate. Envision yourself pushing out and discharging pressure inside. Hold for like  5 seconds and then release. It works because it returns your focus to your partner, It removes tension from your pelvic area and stops you from focusing on genital stimulation only.
  2. Behavioral Techniques: Try the ‘squeeze technique’ (squeeze the tip of the penis whenever you are reaching to a point of no return), it tickles too and helps in preventing ejaculation when done on time
  3. Stop-and-Start Methods: When you get to a point of ejaculating, stop for 3-5 seconds and do some complicating multiplications on your mind why you are still in before continuing. Do it repeatedly and believe me your partner can never notice.
  4. Trying Some Kegel Exercises Before Sex
  5. Using Thicker Condoms

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